Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Kids Big Kids

Been a while since I reason :KIDS. Big Kids/Little Kids. I just went back to work as a part time Nanny...well actually a "Nanny On Call." I have Nannied on and off for the last several years. I took the last few years off to be with my teen/tween kids...and the 'adolescent years.' Now, as they are 13 1/2 and 16...they are at great ages where I was comfortable going back to I am now doing just that, and could not be happier. We desperately need the $ and I really love being with...the kids.
But homelife is still busier than ever. A crazy time of year with many activities, days off from school (somehow October, the kids miss more days than any other month...),,,and the 'normal' everyday housework stuff.
But life is good. Very simple...yet very busy. We are all healthy. Doing well in school, great friends...etc.
Today, friends coming over. and cheerleading.
Red Sox have a double header (and pulled off a great win last night...thank you Kevin Cash...great homer!). I have lots of laundry and a few errands...
A busy, yet simple, and very nice life!


Bebe said...

Hi Sharon!
Thanks for coming over to visit with me and for entering my little giveaway!!
Hugs, Bebe :)

Beeb said...


Thank you for entering my very first blog giveaway. Good luck!! :)