Friday, June 20, 2008

The kids are out of school today!

Ah...the last day of school...and the beginning of a wonderful summer...and finally, to work on my blog. So much to say...but will have to keep it short just for now.
I need to make some stuff for an end of year party that our 13 year old daughter is off to, and to try to get the stains out of some baseball pants that our 15 (almost 16) year old son will be wearing to his Babe Ruth Playoff Game this weekend...More on them soon.
For all those Middle Aged Moms...Moms of teens...I wish you a peaceful some things for yourself and make life easy...some things I am doing: letting the kids sleep and not listening to them grumble when I try to wake them, letting them eat almost anything they want...taking a break from the kitchen, showing them where the washing machine and dishwasher are so they can do some stuff around here (if a 16 year old can drive, he can sure turn on an appliance and if a 13 year old can find her way around a 3 story mall...she can sure find the vacuum cleaner).
Get yourself that pedicure, head to the deli department first, try that craft you have wanted to try for years, call a girl friend and enjoy a great meal, get yourself a haircut at a fancy go girl! It's your time...and your summer :)

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