Saturday, June 21, 2008


It's 9:15. My husband went to work early so he could come home early and catch our son's Babe Ruth Game this afternoon...he is pitching. Our daughter, who had 2 sleepovers back to back, is wiped out and asleep-our son, who is the Night Owl of the family, is also asleep,....but soon to be awakened by MOM---his mean old alarm I remember my husband telling me that when HIS mom had to get his brother up, she would poke him with a broom because he was so nasty in the morning, he would throw things, no matter who was in the line of fire...and his alarm clock never got him she figured that the further away she was, the safer she was.
My day if full of laundry, The Red Sox, Babe Ruth, doing a bit of cooking..not very eventful...but that's a good thing.
Sad thing--although we all knew it, looks like Curt Shilling may not play ball again...I honestly hope he is OK to give one more year next year...depends on what happens when he has surgery on his shoulder next week. There are other Sox out on the DL...but this one is the one that looks long term, and maybe career ending...Curt, our thoughts are with you. David Ortiz has been and will probably be...out for some time, but we are sure he will play lots more ball. GO SOX!!!


woolies said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog!
My husband is from the Boston area, so even though we live in Tucson Arizona, we are Boston sports teams fans.
I, too, am a Mom to teenagers.

Angi said...

Thanks for stopping by Teen Lit Review - good luck in the drawing! Enjoy your summer and GO BRAVES!