Monday, September 1, 2008


I have not blogged in a while...doing what many of you are doing...wrapping up the summer and getting the kids ready for school...going back to work part time as a nanny and other stuff...
Lots to write...but will do that later.
What is on my mind right now is what is going on in our country. Another Hurricane. As citizens of this country, we MUST help the people affected by the damage being done, as I now write. I feel that not enough was done 3 years ago and I hope that we have learned from our mistakes. I hope that we insist that more is done to help people of our own country...that we write to more congress people and insist that more $ ahd more help go to the people of OUR nation for aid; that we do not throw away things we no longer need and donate them (books, school supplies, household items, clothes, etc; that we send $ IF we can; that we do absolutely whatever we can to help. I have watched the news, and to me, I have never seen such strength as I have seen from the families who are left their homes, not knowing if they will ever be able to return...and this being the second time this has happened. With smiles on their faces and strength in their souls, they move, return and go on...even with this devistation.
As the day goes on and more information is given, please keep everyone going through this in your thoughts...and if there is ANYTHING you can do, please do it.
And to anyone going through it right now, please know that this time around, noone will be forgotten.

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