Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Election, Laundry, Being Blessed

My kids are old enough to understand about the upcoming election...and a lot is happening...Obama has just picked his running mate and we are now awaiting McCain's.
Every election has meant something...but this year it seems to mean more...and I couldn't figure out why...until I sat quietly and just THOUGHT. As my kids get aged 16 and 13, I can actually see the reality of their future...I always thought about it when they were young, but somehow it becomes more real as they become older. I can now see that they will not be living with us forever. That they will soon be able to enlist in the armed forces...they will soon be able to vote and drink. As they get older, job options open up. They will be driving soon (my son will soon be getting his permit). I see more and more clearly that I can make less choices for them...that I can guide more and control less. I am voting this year, less for myself and more for them.
I want my kids to live in a world where there is peace. I want them to understand that they must work hard to live and make a living. I want them to understand that life may not always be easy and fun...but it is worth it...and that they are blessed. I want them to make decisions on the facts, not what they 'think' are the facts. I want them to know that each day and each hour and each minute is important.
I was mumbling about the laundry and then just sat on the cold floor basement....and realized that I am lucky that I can DO the laundry...that I am healthy. That I have enough $ to pay for clothes, for electrity, for heat. That I am blessed to have a family to be able to do this may seem so small...but even being able to do the laundry for my family, is a blessing...because I CAN. I want my kids to appreciate even small things like this.
And I want this for everyone.
I know that is not possible...but when I vote in the upcoming election...I will put my vote to the people I believe will help this world become a better and easier place...for my kids...and for everyone...And I will share my decisions and reasons with the they deep my love is for them...enough that I am voting for people that I believe will help make their lives the best it can be.


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Anonymous said...

And talking to them about the election, about what it means and how you'll be deciding, is one of the best things you can do for them. Well done!