Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just popped in to say HI

I am a nanny...doing short term work...basically I get called any time someone needs a nanny...they may be in town briefly, their full time nanny may have called in sick...etc...and I work for tons of different families. This past week I have worked for people from Europe, and people from the next town. I have done a 3 hour shift at a local church and a 12 hour shift at someone's home...I love it.
The oldest kid I have watch so far has been 7 and the youngest, 1 month...and then I come home to 2 teens...what a variety of kids.
I have met the most wonderful parents as well.
Today I am gone all day...2 towns over. It's lots of work, lots of responsibility, lots of fun...!!!
Kids are the best...
My husband works 2 days/week...and takes care of the home...the kids love him hear...he is much easier than I am...at first they didn't know what to make of it...but when they realized that dad says YES a lot more than mom...they truly do enjoy this.
So as I begin my day with a cup of coffee, and a long fun day ahead, I say HI to you all...
And have a great day!


The Mommy said...

Hi Sharon! Just thought I'd stop in and let you know that you won the Sexy Sheep skein at my blog, Your Impact Matters! Congratulations! Just give me a quick email and let me know your address and I'll send it right off to you. It's gorgeous...and I'm totally jealous!!! I'd love to crochet with yarn like this! I can't believe I gave it away, instead of keeping it myself!

Oh, P.S. Our whole family are Red Sox fans...have a SIL living in Boston and we all watch the games and just love Mass with all our hearts. I plan on moving to Shelburn Falls eventually when I can afford it...it's my dream home location!

The Mommy said...

Your email was returned to me...so I'm really hoping that you get my comments before next Tuesday.