Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whining about Whining

I know I am whining...and it is ironic because I am whining about whining...but here goes.
I know a woman whose line during every conversation is "Welcome To My Life" and then proceeds to complain about the littlest things in the world...they may be big to her, but in the scheme of things...they are not life threatening.
They are about things that are not going her way...and in general they do NOT go her way, because she is an admitted control freak and things never go her way, when someone else has a say in something that she is involved in. Self Pity rules her life...
I know others like her. At almost 49 years old, I am choosing not to be around people like this unless I must be. feelings are, that in general, most things in life are good...that most people are kind and thoughtful. That there are real tragedies and heartbreaks in life that we have a right to be angry, sad, upset about...etc. That the fact that your daughter did not to get to sit who she wanted to sit with on the bus during a field trip, is not a big deal.
A friend of my mom's died a number of years ago at age 57, of breast cancer. She was a guidance counselor and worked from her hospital bed until the last few days of her wonderful life. She never felt sorry for herself.I have linked a site in her memory and honor.
She said that what she learned from life is that there are 3 kinds of people.
The Givers
The Takers
The In Betweens

She said keep and treasure the givers!
The takers...spend as little time as possible with these people and avoid them if you can.
The In Betweens...those are the people who give a bit, take a bit...enjoy what you can.

And give whatever you give. A smile is giving. Time is giving. An open ear, an open heart...all giving...
Giving is allowing others to give to it makes other feel good.

My theory in life...
Life is too short not to be kind.

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Heather said...

Great thoughts!!!! Thanks for stopping by The Gift Closet & posting my button! :)