Sunday, December 14, 2008

This year....hope and happiness

This is a busy time of year for is hard to not feel a bit crazy...especially if you have kids...I'm not sure about yours, but my teens are STILL convinced that there is this giant money tree in the back yard...but that's OK...they're kids...when they gave us their "yearly list" we asked them to number order of what they wanted...and we then saw what we could afford...and "knocked it down"...the UGG em. The IPOD- check...
The DVD that will be on cable soon...did not get...
But what I do feel this year is a sense of peace...even with the hustle and bustle.
As a nanny...who works for families who need one at the last minute (a "short term nanny), I work it hotels when people come in from out of town, for people whose full time nanny is sick or off, for parents who just need a night out and do not have someone to watch the kids. I love it. I have also met so many wonderful and interesting people.
I have seen that this is a huge world with ALL sorts of people.
This year, I was very sick for 2 weeks..lost 2 weeks pay...and was surrounded with love (and food)...and it turned out to be one of the best times ever because I felt so blessed.
This year I felt hope for the first time in a long time, that our country would be I watched the most amazing election I have even watched and been a part of.
This year, I have seen my 16 year old son go from not caring about much to getting a job, doing well in school, even having his first girl friend.
I have seen my 14 year old daughter get honors in school, get back together with her old boyfriend (some may say this is young...but these 2 are very special together...something really wonderful!)
I have seen the news and people stepping up more than ever to help others in hard times.
It was an emotional year...but a good one and one of learning and loving.
When things aren't going the way we want...I have seen people proact, not react...and good things happen.
This year I feel that the future brings much hope and much happiness...
And it is what I wish for everyone.

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