Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dustin Pedroia!!! What a Nice Holiday Gift!

"AL MVP Dustin Pedroia has signed a six-year, $40.5 million extension with Boston through 2014 with a club option for the 2015 season."
This is the quote I woke up to a few days ago. So my wish list for the holidays was quite simple...a few pair of pj's and some fluffy slippers. I knew I wanted Dustin back...but not sure what would happen, so put it in the back of my mind for fear of dissappointment...we that did NOT happen...I got my best present so far for the holidays!!!!!!! SIX more years of my favorite Sox Player!!!!!!
Last year, we got Mike Lowell...and this year-Dustin!!!!
Now I still want those PJ's and Slippers (have to note this, should hubby read my blog)...but even if I DON"T get those things...I got something that I really wanted...and even more...
And although this may SEEM a bit early...just gotta throw in my line
"GO SOX!!!!"
(and thanks Red Sox Management for being so smart!)

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Homemom3 said...

congrats you won something on my site.