Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pampered Chef, School, Driver's Permit, Drama and The Jonas Brothers

The first big thing that happened was that I signed up with Pampered Chef...and will be doing this full time. I'm SO excited...I really want to work at home and after much thought and research, realized this is the perfect company for me. I am starting out doing book shows, so if any of you wonderful readers want to do one...please get in touch...and for anyone who want to sell...what a great stay at home job it is...just drop me a line... THANKS...
Now that I did my little 'pitch''s what else is going on.
It's been such a busy few weeks...Our 16 year old son, who was homeschooled, past a final test with flying colors...and has officially moved to a Junior. Although not in actually in high school, as a homeschooler, he is still the 'equivalent'. In a few weeks he can get his driver's permit. Years ago, when our son was 2 years old, I went up to a parent who had a son who was just getting HIS permit. I started to complain about how hard it was to raise toddlers. He said that that's NOTHING until you kid is ready to get his license. I poopooed this, thinking yea right...what can be more tough than chasing a 2 year old around the house 24/7. And here I am...and I finally get it!! 14 years later!!!!!! What do you feel? Oh just about every gut wrenching feeling you can--
Here are some thoughts,...
"Am I really old enough to have a 16 year old?" (duh, yes, check the calendar and if you don't believe this...dig out the old birth certicates). "Boy do I wish the driving age changed from 16 to 60." "He's getting a job right now, because we can't afford the driving school, insurance, car, gas, etc...and maybe I'll just drive him myself to work." "Is my baby tall enough to really reach the gas pedals?"
Oh well...this is what happens when your kids get older and ya' know...but look on the great side...after he gets his license, you can send him on YOUR errands, have him pick up and drop off his kid sister, wash the car, etc...hmmmm...maybe nicer than I thought!
NOW...the daughter!
Our daughter, 13 is great...she has spent her entire summer with friends. I often heard that raising girls was tougher than raising boys. I honestly think that they are both the best and have different things that are easy and hard. But the one thing that I heard about and never saw UNTIL THIS YEAR...was the DRAMA! much of it, can't even list it all. I must say that our daughter has never been one to like when she is not getting along with someone she clams up and says nothing...but of course, this causes drama because then her silence is mistaken for anger...which of course, IS anger, but she is trying to communicate just silence to end the anger, which is never the way it turns out...and words fly...and young teens are SO good with words...any words...I am glad that she cannot be accused of being harsh to anyone...but her silence says it all often. More drama stories...and details to come...but for now, I have to chat about what has been surrounding me for months...
Our daughter's "Life" (HER WORDS) is the Jonas Brothers. Her room is plastered with posters (106 to date) , the only music we hear from her IHome or computer is...The Jonas Brothers...etc..etc...she eats drinks and sleeps these young men. Now I must admit that they're actually pretty good....but after a while I really would like to hear some good old Country Music. She is going to the concert in a few weeks. She and her 2 best friends have 'done it up.' They have spent the last week doing the following-
1)Making Posters 2) They bought bright orange shirts and decorated them declaring their love and then bright red shorts and had JONAS but on the rear end...when I asked (the silly question)...why orange and red...they reminded me that those are the colors of flames and this is the "Burning Up Tour." They made videos to enter a contest at a local radio station, to meet the group, are painting their nails the night before with the words "I love..". My daughter is even getting one of their favorite colors, as her elastics on her braces the day before the concert (I forget if it's Nick Joe or Kevin...and I even forget the colors). She even asked me to make ankelets with the phrase...PEACE LOVE JONAS...for each girl.
Now...what else,,,
I've spend most of my time the past few weeks on the new business, the kids, and of course, watching my beloved Red I will end this post on them...
Did you SEE the All Star Game? The Red Sox did it again...with much help from the other great players in the American League...I was most happy for our beloved coach, Terry Francona...!!! AND our beloved JD Drew..>CONGRATS JD!!!!!!! They have been off for 2 nights and are on tonight...can't wait!
Off to do some going to write more often soon as things are quieter..and I have more free time.
Bye for now :)


Angi said...

Whew! What a post! I have a 13 yr. old boy - I am so dreading and looking forward to the driving stuff. I can't imagine the stress I'll feel every moment he's in that car driving. BUT, it will be nice to have him to run errands! And NO WAY am I old enough to have a 13 year old - WHERE did the years go?
My two boys combined are easier to deal with than my 11 year old daughter - always have been! I love her, but - she is so FULL OF EMOTION! She too likes the Jonas Brothers - but luckily is not that into anything yet!
Good luck at your new business venture - I too love their stuff!
BTW - you won a drawing at Teen Lit Review - stop by again soon, thanks for entering!

Mommy Meryl said...

HI - thanks for stopping by my blog, entering my contest/giveaway and subscribing to my feed - I really appreciate it and you you enjoy my blog! :-) My daughter is almost 6 and world is all Jonas Bros, all Camp Rock and all Hannah Montana - all the time! Her bday party is on 8/2 and its all Camp Rock!! I remember my first crush Donny Osmond, but it wasn't until I was in 5th grade!!

Best of luck with the Pampered Chef - its a wonderful company!!