Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2 WIns-thanks Jon and Dice K, PC, Baseball, Sleepovers, Late Night Snacking

OK--the Sox won 2 in a row...we always mention the pitcher I thank Jon Lester and Dice K for making this household a bit happier. Now I must admit...we live in New England and these games are on the West Coast..and don't BEGIN till 10 as my husband says "the game was watching ME" I crash on the couch each night by 10...but I read the headlines the minute I hit this computer of mine...and watch NESN to see all the highlights. I actually DVR each game...and if I don't see a game, will often watch the recording of it. Now, although the pitchers were great...gotta give credit to ALL of the Boys of Summer...and the biggest to Terry Francona...the BEST MLB manager ever!!!!!
PC (Pampered Chef) putting in my first book show next week and am SO excited!!! Yesterday I spent the day getting more organized, doing packets for August and reading all of the great recipes..the only 'bad thing' about working with PC is that I may gain back the weight I lost and THEN some...gotta go check out those salad bowls again!
Our son had a summer ball game last had been doing great...but last night was a's OK...he LOVES this team...great coach, great kids, and great's what the game is all about.
Sleepovers. Our daughter has had a friend over for 2 nights in a row. All they do is laugh and dance and sing...(to the Jonas Brothers!). Her friend is one of the nicest kids around....and I love having her here...and the bonus...her mom is awesome too! Great kids, great's who I want around :)
Late Night Snacking. I spent $135 at the grocery store yesterday. OK...granted, some of it was on cleaning products and cat food. The rest-food! The fridge is full one day and when I wake up..1/2 empty. When I am sleeping...I will often be awakened by the pitter patter of Teenage any and all hours of the night. I will hear the freezer door open...yes, this is why the ice cream is gone. I will smell toast...alas, no bread. The cheese I was going to use for my pasta...must have been those
'midnight madness nachos.' I prefer to eat in the day time...but being summer, and having teens, I have learned to accept that these kids can EAT and that they eat whenever they are hungry...most often past midnight.
Today, my husband is off. Everyone is sleeping in but me...I love the quiet of the morning. I have tons of laundry, some PC, and more laundry. Dinner will be whatever is left in the fridge...or maybe I'll make nothing and let them help themselves during their Midnight Munchies and get hubby and I some Subs from Subway...THAT would be EZ.
Have a great one :)

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