Thursday, July 24, 2008

Late night dancing and no sleep, Sweep-Papi-The Yankees, Chips, Jonas Posters

Well, my daughter has had friends sleep over the past 3 nights. I 'allow' it because she is 13 and her friends are great...but last night they must have thought it was 'Dance Night.' Music and dancing...yes, to the Jonas Brothers. I was tired and asked them repeatedly to stop or even dance quietly..."I'm Sorry, We Will" was the ongoing comment...but I guess their memories are short and they did it again and again. I had a hard time getting mad...and got no sleep..>THEY got sleep because they can sleep as long as they want...but this mom got up early to get ready for the day. I'm really tired, but content...

SWEEP--YUP! A close call...but the Sox did it in Seattle!!! Close call last night...and I must have lost a few pounds just watching the game...a long one with extra innings...most of the Boys of Summer did a great job...but it was Mike Lowell (one of my favorites!!), who in my tired eyes, saved the night....Off tonight and tomorrow night...YES--the YANKEES are in town, here at Fenway, and David Ortiz COMES BACK after a way too long time on the DL...CANNOT WAIT!, I get a craving for chips...I actually always have a craving for chips, but sometimes I MUST have them. I knew there was a bag in the cabinet...I check it out...and it's GONE!!! Having a brain storm, I go into my son's room...Now, I respect his privacy to a point, but having a teen...on occasion, do an 'inspection.' This time it was a scavenger hunt. Opened a few draws...the 3rd one I opened had SEVEN bags of chips...all opened! And 2 packages of dried fruit!!! I started to laugh...grabbed 5 of the 7 bags (had to leave him with something). Never told him...let's see if he notices!

Now...keep in mind, our son is almost 16 and daughter is 13. Her room is plastered with Jonas Brother's posters...she takes hours a week cutting and hanging...SO I'm doing my laundry and hear a LOUD.."MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". It's her. Aparently my son, generally a quiet kid, got a hold of a black sharpie and 'decorated' some of her posters...blackening some of their teeth and giving some of them a 'unibrow.' I first noticed the big one and as I looked around, noticed that he had 'sabotaged' several others. I tried to seem mad but I started to laugh...even SHE could not control a snicker or 2. Although he should not have done this, I thought it still got a chuckle out of it.

Today...I'm tired. Need to replace some posters, so taking daughter to magazine store, taking son to practice and doing some Pampered Chef stuff.

ENJOY the day!

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