Monday, July 21, 2008

Giving Back

I am a firm believer that in this world, we need to focus on giving as much as we can and that it is the most important lesson that we can give to our kids. It is not always $...and in my case, it is seldom $ as we are on a very limited if you can give $ then do so...even a little all helps. And there are so many other ways to give: your time, your kindness,things that you no longer need,-that what goes around comes around-that if you give, you receive-and that you get immediate gratification. What do I mean by receive the self gratification that you have done some good...and that good feeling...right in your the most important thing. You are seen as a good person by others-and this is so important. You do this for you and your family. I just added a link on my sidebar :"GivingBack." Please check it out-thanks!
Enjoy every day
Sharon :)

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