Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sad, Happy, Quiet, Hot

Sad--my beloved Red Sox lost last night...but as my husband said, they can't win every game...David Ortiz is coming back next we are all very excited to see him play again...he's doing great in when he gets back to Fenway (against the Yankees!) will be a game NOT to be missed...cannot wait.
Happy-our daughter, who has always had a hard time with sleeping over someone's house...even at 13-went to the Cape with her best friend and family...told her to try it....she has the option of going for the entire week. Last night when she 'text' me (kids just don't 'call' I alway have to keep my glasses nearby)...she sounded happy as ever...and having a great time!!!! Our son is happy just playing basketball and having pizza every night...Happy-the kids are happy!
Quiet-see above. One kid is gone, the other is sleeping after eating all night and playing basketball till midnight
Hot-New England home with the AC, Fan, Iced Tea and Hot Flashes!
Hubby is off to work, I'm doing some Pampered Chef, Laundry, Sweepstakes and chatting with friends.
Have a great one!

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Mary512 said...

Thanks for adding my button and adding me to your link list. I love that it shows the last post I did. You are now entered 3 times in the Howtoons book giveaway!--Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland