Sunday, July 20, 2008

"I'm homesick," Pretzels and Strawberries, Suede Cleaner and C'MON Guys...

Our daughter was invited to spend the week with friends. She has never been one for sleepovers, but this was to be a lot of fun..and with her best friend in a wonderful house on the beach. Day 1 was great...till it was time for bed...and she got it...homesick...the next calls and texting. I asked if she would stay one more night...friends were driving home and she could get a ride...but after sending me enough text messages to fill my phone, Dick and I went to get her. Every kid has something...and this is 'her something.'
Now I haven't said much about my wonderful husband, Dick. We've been married over 18 years. He's 16 years older than me...and also has 2 grown kids from a previous marriage. I'm going to do a whole post on him soon...
Well, one thing that I always do, is prepare dinner for him and the kids...the kids usually say "thanks" and then make something else or ask for $5- for a slice of pizza or sub (I always give in...ya' gotta choose your battles...and this one's easy...we're lucky we live near lots of sub shops or my kids would think they would pass out from hunger...).
Anyway, knowing that we were going to get our daughter at 7:30 (when Dick came home from work), I packed up some things in ziploc bags....pretzels and strawberries. He ate them all...came home full...and dada...dinner was served. He helped himself to some fat free icecream and the meal was simple was that ! :)
So on the way home last night, my cell phone rang and it was our 16 year old son...on the way home, could we please pick up suede cleaner and protector for his new sneakers. I say HUH?? It's 9PM...nothing is opened....and we barely left the Cape...he sounded shocked...but I convinced him that tomorrow would be OK to get it. So this morning, at a trip to Walgreens...found just what he needed!!! I end most posts...C'MON beloved Red Sox lost again...but they are on the road...and really do so much better here at home...because we have such great fans here...but C' win will be so nice....Dick and I have coffee every morning before he goes to work and chat about the Sox...the great plays, the not so great plays, the injuries, tomorrow, let's chat about a win...if not, it's OK...they'll be home at Fenway soon and that's where they are always at their best.
For now, off to pick up daughter from the movies, do some PC (Pampered Chef), take son to baseball practice (if it doesn't get rained out...there are some mighty thick clouds out there).
Catch ya' soon :)

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