Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How we met

I talk about my kids a lot...but this post is about my husband of 18+ years. I was good friend's with Dick's sister...we used to work together. We would go out often and Dick would come with us. At the time we met, he was going out with a very nice woman...he was (lol and IS) 16 years older than me. He has 2 grown kids, one is 7 years younger than me and 1 is 9 years younger...He is divorced, and gets along great with his ex...a nice woman...the marriage just didn't work out.
I had been thru lots of relationships...a few pretty bad and a few just OK...but I was enjoying being single when we met.
SO long story short...we saw each other a lot...because I hung out with his sister.
I must have been ready to get in another relationship because to this day, remember the conversation I had with his sister...saying what a nice guy he was...but for her not to say anything because he had a girlfriend. She said they were about to break up...I said to PLEASE tell him after they broke up.
Short story...they broke up, we started dating, moved in within a matter of months, 6 months after moving in together, got married. 18 years later...2 kids, 4 animals (cat, chinchilla, 2 guinea pigs). He works at a local hardware store, I sell Pampered Chef. I love to cook, he loves to eat. Be both love baseball. He has been an umpire for local baseball teams for over 35 years and loves it. We rent a nice duplex and live on a dead end street with 3 other wonderful families...it's a great living situation with a wonderful neighborhood.
He is originally from Vermont...I grew up right out of Boston.
He was in the service (he met his first wife in Germany).
He's a big guy with a big heart. Used to have full head of red hair but is now almost bald and what he has left of hair is a frostly white.
He has a great voice and for years has been asked why he didn't go into radio...instead he was a car and glass salesman for years...
He's a great dad. Used to be very stubborn, but has mellowed a lot over the years.
His days off are Tues. and Wed....they're my favorite days of the week.
We have very little $, so don't go out...but just hang out at home together...and that's the way we like it.

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