Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sticky Notes

They're everywhere...sticky notes...all different sizes shapes colors...and in all different places around the house. All written by me to remind myself, my kids, my husband--of what we have to do. Some say the same thing...yet, on different color paper, so I think they're different. Some I can't even read-I don't have the best hand writing...which becomes even more impossible to read when I write fast, or write with the quickest thing I can find, which is often a pen with little ink that I never threw out and you can barely see, yet I used anyway.
So today, I gathered them all up...I did this right before I went grocery shopping. It is 8:25 AM...
Today is the day that I figure out what I wrote, to see if I actually did anything that I reminded myself to do and to remind my kids and husband of what they were supposed to do. I have a nice sheet of lined paper that I am going to write as clearly as possible, with a fully ink loaded pen, and write 'what's left' to do. My guess is that the list will be long...because even though I have these notes all over the house, I have not read them in a long time...nor did my family...they just see me as 'note person,' not to be taken seriously.
But today is the day.
Dick is at work, then taking our son to his ball game. Then watching the Sox.
Our daughter was up late, and will more than likely sleep late then...well, I'm not sure...but whatever it is, I have already declared that I will not drive anywhere or give her any $ today.
I'm off to my sticky notes...
Enjoy the day.

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