Friday, August 1, 2008

Bye Manny

Manny is out of the Red Sox. And I am fine with that. He is one heck of a ball player, but he left on a sour note, not being able to keep his negative and personal opinions to himself, or atleast out of the media spot light. I feel that there is no room for this in the Red Sox and totally support their decision to trade him. He gave us some amazing years , but I feel that the last few weeks he was a total distraction to the team, the fans and everyone else. The Red Sox are a team of character and the team is made up of not only incredible ball players, coaching staff, executives, media, etc...but of men and women who are gentlemen and ladies. When you believe that you are better than anyone else and are not a good do not belong on the Red Sox. He stood out because he was not like the others, and not always in a nice way. I am sorry that he chose not to be kind at the end...but the Red Sox will now be better off. I hope that the Dodgers will be able to make him into a nicer person...Joe Torre is a good man and a good coach. Manny has great numbers and knows how to play the game. He gave us 8 good years and helped us win 2 World Championship...but when it came to being a gentleman, he did not know how to do this in the end...I am sorry for that.
If I met him today, I would thank him for some great baseball, even for some humorous moments ("Manny being Manny"), and I would wish him well. But I am happy that he is no longer with this hardworking, classy, kind team. I am happy that the Sox and all of us fans will not be distracted by this any longer. Now...guys...
PLAY BALL!!!!!!!

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Melinda Zook said...

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