Saturday, August 16, 2008

Being Kind

We've had a very busy week...and an upcoming weekend...of lots of family stuff...weddings, anniversaries, etc...and starting Monday, School kids see it as clothes shopping and mom being too tired to cook, so ordering in for pizza...I see it as 'bugging them' to finish their summer reading and pulling out that list of school supplies they got the last day of school so they have the necessary tools to go to school...their version of 'tools' are new and expensive sneakers, tons of new shirts, and extra $ in the lunch bucket for dessert. My 'tool version' is notebook, binders, sharpies, etc...ah, the Generation Gap.
But as we do what we have been doing for 11 years...I also have been feeling emotional...there was a recent radio telethon for the Jimmy Fund here in Boston/Red Sox Nation. Jerry Lewis will be having his telethon in a few weeks. And I have some things with family and friends that I just found out about...some health issues...that are very difficult...
So I am focusing on being kind and giving much as we can. It means not being judgemental, giving any time that you can, not throwing something away that someone else can use (a recent example...if your daughter or son no longer fit in those baseball or softball cleets...give them to the Little League/Babe Ruth coordinator or a friend...SOMEONE can use them....)
Our world needs to be softer and kinder. Giving does not alway mean $ means simply, whatever you can give...even a "hello" to someone who needs one.
I will tell one story on how things can change people. My daughter was harrassed a bit by a girl at school last year...not threatened...just sarcastic and nasty remarks. But something inside told me this girl did not have such a great homelife. Well...come to find out, she signed up for cheerleading...her first year...this is my daughter's 9th year. AND she is in her stunt they now have to be together. I told my daughter what my grandmother taught me..."you can get a fly better with honey than vinegar.' Long story short...they are getting along great...cheerleading and some positive feedback and attention was exactly what this young lady needed...and all is well!!!!!!!
Being kind goes a long way...

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