Thursday, August 21, 2008

School is a comin'

Well...the day is fast approaching...back to school. I will soon have 2 kids in 2 grade..8 and 10...and they are not all that happy...:). Usually this time of year means they get to see their friends again, go back to their after school activities and even hook up with some beloved teachers. But it has been a great summer for both of them...they SAW their friends, they played their sports, and even saw their teachers on the field. What they are unhappy about...summer reading...which they are cramming this week, back packs, eating on a schedule (my kids are perpetual snackers), and worst of all--GETTING UP IN THE MORNING!
I remind them that everyone has to do this...and even their dad and I did...but of course, as I felt many years ago...this does not matter. What matters is THEY have to do it.
Once at school, it will be fine...and even fun...they DO get to see more friends, get to have NEW teachers, even the food isn't bad at the Middle School and High School...and they will even sign up for an extra activity or 2...I'm sure.
But the one thing, I just cannot say is "fun" are those mornings...but then again...who really does like to get out of bed?
And although it does not matter to them...I am the one who has to get up first, to wake them we are all in the same boat..
And it will a great year...even if we are all a bit more tired.

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