Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy Week, The FAMILY MEETING, Support group

We all have them...weeks that we just can't seem to catch up...GOOD weeks, just hectic ones. This week was and IS one of those. We have 3 family functions coming up...Family Portrait, a Friend's wedding and a big brunch the morning after the wedding...all of which require special clothing. I like to dress nice...but I really do not like to shop...and being on a very tight budget...had to be careful with what I shopped for.
For the photo-tan pants and pastel shirts, closed toed shoes. Harder than I thought finding closed toes shoes for my 13 year old daughter...wants nothing but funky sneakers and sandals. But she's a good kid. I found a pair that was just "OK" and she will wear them. Our son...the Jeans and Sneakers Man...found a pair of cheap pants at Building 19! But they were 5" too long...hemmed them...bought a yellow shirt at the same store...although he TOO did not "love" a good kids as well...and said it was fine. Hubby..a big man...had tan pants. Found a 3X shirt at Walmart and am 'fudging it' with some black sneakers...that LOOK like black shoes.
ME...I'm short...also found pants that were too long...hemmed them...and found a decent shirt at Walmsrt...
So we all have our clothes...we are then told about all the touching up they can do...and was told that all 4 grandchildren can have their braces 'removed' in the touch up...
I honestly, do not understand this...because at ages 12 (my twin nephews), 13 and 16...the kids have braces...but my parents want the 4 kids will be "BRACE FREE" thanks to the art of photography
THE WEDDING...Sat. Night. The kids weren't invited. My husband works at Home Depot and had to change his hours for the photo on's Tax Free Weekend here in Massachusetts...and his boss, a great guy, who never gets annoyed...did get annoyed when he asked to change his schedule for both days...My husband Dick is almost 65 and he cannot risk losing his he is not going. I'm going solo...which is fine...
Sunday brunch...all I can say is YUM!!!!!!!!!!
After is all about school and setting in a bit...something my teens are not looking forward to. I told them that after the pictures tomorrow night, we are having the "Dreaded Family Meeting." They KNOW what this means...and in their eyes, it's 'not pretty.' It is hard to get us all together...but we will be tomorrow night. I have a new 'chore chart'...honestly, it will take each kid about 10 minutes each day in 'real time.' But in their time...with the feet dragging and begging for mercy, it will take a lot longer. I've done this before, but now, I have a 'support group.' All of the moms that I know of teens are on the same page...all of us have declared war on our dirty homes and have decided that we will no longer be wimps with the kids...they WILL do the chores, or they will not have things they so desperately want and $, computer time, etc.
It's Time for MOM to take a break! working on Pampered Chef, cleaning hubbies sneakers so they look like shoes, quick trip to grocery store, and other stuff.
Enjoy the day! :-)

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