Saturday, August 9, 2008

What Makes Us Happy

What a busy week...lots of activities...and lots of other stuff.
I just got hired as a substitute at a local gym's day care...cannot wait! Am waiting for the CORI to come in and expect to start in Sept. The hours are short shifts of only 3 hours...and I will be on call at first, but am expecting a permanent slot soon. It was great how this happened...called an old friend to see if she wanted to do a Pampered Chef show...small talk began and she told me she ran this program and they were looking for fill-ins. I filled an application and forgot about it. 2 weeks later...long story very excited.
Got me thinking what makes us happy.
Here are of the things that make us happy

ME-*nice people who talk nicely to everyone no matter what *When my kids are happy *The Red Sox *My husband of 18 years *My great baby sister-did not get along all that well for years and now, she is my best friend *Music *Dark Chocolate *Lobster *Comfortable clothes *Great smelling candles *Getting a nice sale from my Pampered Chef business *Autumn * A great joke from a great friend *My kids doing well and trying hard *A comfortable chair ETC

My husband (age 64)-SEE ABOVE and add-*Football *he is an umpired and has been for 35 years-bumping into an adult, who used to be a kid, who remembers him as their favorite umpire in Little League or Babe Ruth * Sleeping late *He works at a local hardware store-meeting one of his favorite sports players *"Crime Shows" ETC

My 16 year old son-*Pizza *Money *His Friends *XBox Live *Basketball-playing AND the CELTICS *Snickers' Bars *New Clothes * His Room*New Hair Cut *Music *A freezer full of frozen dinner and garlic bread *Cheesy Bread from Dominos *soon to be-his permit and license ETC

My 13 year old daughter-*Her friends *The Jonas Brothers and everyone who surrounds them (she just saw them in concert AND met Demi Lovato!!! * New-EVERYTHING-clothes, haircut, jewelry, bags...etc *Music *Comedies *spending time on her computer *Pasta *Nachos *Her room *Reeses Peanut Butter Cups ETC

AM catching up with my mega laundry today, and other stuff.
Enjoy the day

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