Saturday, August 2, 2008

From Homeschool To High School

My theory on education-there are many ways to learn and be educated...public school, private school, homeschool, charter school...etc...Education is critical, but each child is different and we must respect the individual choices that parents/guardians make as long as it is in the best interest of the child.
Our daughter has been in public school since Kindergarten-a very outgoing and easy going kid. Good student. Lots of fun.
Our son has always been quieter and more intense. We homeschooled him 1st and 1/2 way through second grade. We transfered him into public school because he asked to be with his soccer friends. Everything was fine until 5th grade...adolescence took over...he did poorly in school and got into some trouble at school-no homework, speaking out in class, skipping class...etc. We tried to work it through...and he had some amazing teachers, but all in was rough. Sophmore year, he simply does nothing. We meet with teachers, deans, etc...and get nowhere. He comes home last Nov. with a big black eye...he got in a planned fight, off the high school grounds with a young man he has had trouble with for years. He felt bullied into this fight. Next day, he goes back...the bullying does not lots of the kids...who saw the first fight and wanted to see the 2nd fight again...he didn't want this. A few days goes by and I get a call from him...he is at the Public Library...he left school and cannot go back. we call the school...tell him he's with us...and in 2 days, was homeschooling him again. It went well. We then assume that he will either homeschool the following year or drop out and get his GED-NOT our first choice, but something that had to be considered. 2 weeks ago he came up to us and said he wants to go back to school. I dropped my lunch. He is a young Junior in High School. My husband convinces him to repeat his sophmore arguements here. Called the school, got him in. Went from the class of 2010 to the class of 2011
From Homeschool to High School...and all is well!

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