Monday, August 4, 2008

What embarrases me

We have a wedding coming up. My husband absolutely hates getting dressed much so that he does not even own a suit. Being on a very limited budget, it is also something that we simply would like not to have to spend $ on. So I asked a family member if a shirt and tie would be OK without a jacket and I was told firmly NO. She said that I would be embarrased if I walked in with my husband and he had no jacket on (the end result is, we are going to get him a jacket...just because it will make any possible comments, non existant, if we do...)
So it got me thinking...what really embarrases me. It definitley is not how my husband dresses...he is always clean and neat. If he did not wear a jacket to this wedding I would not be embarrased in the least!
What has embarrased me is when my kids act inappropriately. I'd like to say that over the years they did not act up in public or talk back to an adult who deserved their respect, or that I never got a call from a teacher (and not a 'good' call)...but that is not the case. Kids are kids...and they do this stuff...but THIS is when I have been embarrased.
The other day, I was at the ATM machine...I fell into a muddy puddle. I got covered in mud. Banged up my knee. Had mud all over me. I looked up and there was another person at the ATM...I was embarrased (because I felt so stupid for parking near the puddle in the first place and not seeing it).
I've had a few fender benders in my day...just wasn't looking...that embarrased me.
I get embarrased for other people. When a kid gets embarrased, I get embarrased for them.
I get embarassed about things that most people get embarrased about...a tear in your clothes that you did not notice, dropping something in a store that may break, etc etc.
But I do not get embarrased about how I look, how my husband looks, how my kids look. If he did not wear a jacket to the would be fine with me...but to 'keep the peace,' Jacket it is...and that's the only reason...
Love your kids, enjoy your day, remember that kindness means everything.

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