Saturday, November 29, 2008


Last Sat at 12:30 AM I woke up in the most horrible pain ever and was very sick. Took some Pepcid, tried to go back to sleep...still sick. Told husband something was wrong. Called Primary Dr. and he said to get me to the Emergency Room because the pain had not gone away. Long story was my appendix. Surgery, and I am a week later feeling a lot better...and aside from the surgery, and medication, the biggest part of healing was and is-kindness.
Friends and family have called, written, taken the kids places and brought TONS of food over.
The nurses were amazing-I cannot say enough about these fabulous men and women!
I had never been sick...the surgical staff made me feel so comfortable that any fears disappeared quickly.
I could go on and on and on.,..
The fact is that Kindness goes a long was the key to me feeling so much better now.
And it made me think that, we must continue, on an ONGOING basis, be kind and give...
I called the hospital and we are bringing our old kids videos down to the children's section...they have VCR's in their rooms..also books, coloring books, games etc
I have a bunch of audio books that I never listened to...right to the adults at the hospital
Food-we have committed to buying atleast 1 extra item each time we shop and putting in the food bin for the food pantry.
Winter coats...PLEASE give them to any local shelter
Old Sheets and Towels...please give to your local animal shelter
The options are endless...
I have always believed in giving...but after this week...after a 'simple appendectomy' I learned more about kindness that ever before.
Life is worth it...we are put on this earth to help

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